Groupwork & Training

The structuring of our groups and trainings is not preset, but rather is allowed to spontaneously arise in fitting accord with the energies and needs of participants. This keeps the work — and teaching — fresh, vital, alert, immersed in a flow akin to that of good conversation between intimates, a flow that dynamically supports openness and breakthrough. The “container” for this work is perhaps best described by the classical Greek word temenos, meaning a sacred enclosed space, a vessel or environment in which transformation and optimal learning occur.

Our groups and trainings feature a dynamic mix of psychospiritual guidance, gestalt, bodywork, spiritual deepening, dreamwork, relational dynamics, and emotional opening, along with fitting instruction. All the work is intuitively done in the context of everyone’s innate wholeness. For a sense of what happens in such an environment, see Our Groupwork in Practice. In our trainings there is, of course, much more teaching, but this is not done not apart from all the personal work that is happening, arising instead in intimate conjunction with it, so as to optimize whatever learning is happening.