About Training

The Masters Center for Transformation Presents

Foundational Training for Professionals

Devoted to Psychospiritual Healing, Awakening, and Integration

February 19-27, 2018 in Hawaii

July 11-17, 2018

Limited to 8 or 10 participants only


We are excited to be continuing to offer this foundational training to professionals in the healing/awakening field, and to have it unfold through the same intuitive, organic approach that we employ in our private and group work.

This training’s purpose is twofold: (1) to engage in very deep personal work; and (2) to deepen and expand your capacity to guide others through a dynamic, intuitively structured approach that optimally integrates body, mind, emotion, and spirituality.

We will be not so much teaching specific techniques as transmitting a context for guiding others into the deepest sort of healing and awakening. Through this you’ll directly experience the essence of what I’ve covered in my books, as well as get an inside, illuminating look at how our work works.

The training will blend your personal work and your work with others; much of the teaching will directly and naturally emerge from whatever personal work needs to be done. Your experience in the training will be enhanced by being in a group with kindred spirits who are as deeply dedicated to their personal work and evolution as they are to being as effective a guide as possible in their work with others.

This training is a prerequisite for further trainings with us.