Experiencing the Work

Over the past few years we’ve made some significant shifts in our requirements for potential clients. Given that ours is advanced level work — and that our availability is very limited — we offer our work to those who:

  • Have had previous psychotherapy or counseling. (If you have not had such previous experience, we have colleagues — all of whom have been trained by us — we can refer you to for work, either in person or via Skype.)
  • Are not currently on long-term psycho-pharmaceutical medications.
  • Have no active addictions or illicit drug use. If you’ve had an addiction to minor drug use/porn/eating/alcohol, you’d need to be at least 3 months clean/sober/free of such addiction. Also, we do not work with those involved in any business involving illegal drugs.

(In our couples work, we only work with those who are in a basically solid, monogamous relationship and who are deeply committed to staying together long term, with each partner being already willing to do whatever work is required to strengthen and deepen the relationship.)

If you want to work with us, and you meet the above guidelines, the first step is to fill out the application form and return it to us.

If after receiving your application we feel that your working with us could be a good fit, the next step would be to either work with us or to engage in some work with one of our colleagues, recommended to you by us.

Prior to working with us, we ask that you listen to and work with my Sounds True audio program Knowing Your Shadow, and begin reading my books Spiritual BypassingTransformation Through Intimacy, and Emotional Intimacy. Doing so will greatly enhance your sessions.

We appreciate your interest in our work, and hope that whatever you do with us benefits you deeply.