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• Integral   • Intimate   • Emotion-Focused   • Relational   • Intuitive


Imagine an approach to healing and well-being that integrates the psychological, somatic, emotional, and spiritual with exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. It’s Integral.

Also imagine that this approach does not rely upon nor operate from any preset methodology, but rather allows structure and direction to spontaneously arise in fitting accord with our real needs, whether in individual, couple, or group contexts. It’s Intuitive.

And imagine that this approach works deeply and thoroughly with all our emotions, going to the heart of each, recognizing that emotion connects body and mind, past and present, intention and action, containment and expression, biology and biography. It’s Emotion-Focused.

And imagine that this approach operates in a deeply relational context, making a priority out of illuminating and deepening the connections between ourselves and others, and also between various aspects of us. It’s Relational.

Finally, imagine that this approach’s emphasis on relatedness is rooted in intimacy, not only intimacy with others, but also intimacy with all that constitutes us — including our every emotion — so that the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal are all together honored and worked with. It’s Intimate.

This, all brought together in the context of our innate wholeness, describes the kind of work that the Masters Center for Transformation School offers.

Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters, founders of the School, occupy a unique place in the field of healing and awakening and relational work, bringing together all the dimensions of being human in an intuitive, deeply empowering integrative manner.


          “Robert directs the intense, heart opened, full force of his being toward each of us in the group in every moment. His enormously intuitive laser reaches deep into where we are really at and what we need to heal at the most profound levels, and he goes for it with a gentle encouraging ferocity. At all times I feel truly and deeply seen and encouraged to go deeper into my wounds so that they can be healed in such a profoundly loving way.

“Diane is herself a force to be reckoned with. Her wholehearted loving energy adds volumes to this process, and her intuitive insight into each of our personal situations and issues that arise makes her one of the most gifted therapists I have ever worked with.

“Their combined gifts makes their process, in my opinion, the most unique and healing force that is available to us on the planet today.

“This work is not for wimps, but has given me the deepest healing of my hurts and wounds that I have ever experienced (and I have done almost all types of psychological work over the last 25 years), which has then almost automatically stirred in me a far more fuller expression of my true nature, with more inner freedom, joy, and a richer life than I could ever have imagined.”

(Julie Hart, Psychologist, Australia)


In the work of the Masters Center for Transformation School, our dragons — our most challenging areas of darkness — are seen not as obstructions on our path, but rather as part of our path, to be encountered and known from the deep inside, so that we are rendered far more capable of appreciating and making wise use of the treasure they are guarding.

The transformational work of the school includes:

  • Integrating the physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual
  • Cutting-edge shadow work (our shadow being whatever in us we are disowning, rejecting, or otherwise keeping in the dark)
  • Emotional literacy and opening (making wise use of all of our emotions)
  • Intuitive somatic work (done in moment-to-moment connection with our personal history and current choices; embodying a life as vital, grounded, and relationally deep as it is spiritually open)
  • Dream exploration (using dreams as portals for awakening and healing)
  • Allowing the psychological and spiritual to function as one (hence the school’s psychospiritual emphasis)
  • Relational healing and awakening (using whatever arises in relationship to generate a deeper intimacy)

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