Diane composes and performs songs of awakening, transformation and healing – some of which are co-written with Robert. For more background, click on the “Listen Now” buttons.


Diane has produced two recent CDs, available to purchase here:



Emergence CD
Western Contemporary Chants for Healing and Awakening

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O Breathe Us Deep CD
Music Composed to the Poetry of Robert Augustus Masters

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Video of Sacred Hymn from O Breathe Us Deep


“When Diane Bardwell sings, her voice wends its way into your heart. Like a healing elixir, it instills courage; it helps you to gather your forces and move again and again toward the expression of your best self. It repairs wounds that need mending. It allows you to breathe easy and free. Like some ancient, primordial embrace, the quality and depth of sound that comes from deep within her, helps you to feel like everything whatever it is will be all right. It is wonderful too, to watch her perform, to see the joy she feels in doing what she knows she was put on earth to do.”
— Margaret Wolff, MA, author of In Sweet Company: Conversations with Extraordinary Women About Living a Spiritual Life

“I have found that her music and her voice also have a huge, yet gentle impact to help carry me through the difficulties I might be working through, or inspire and touch me in a way that takes me even deeper into where I need to go. Her music is a beautiful vessel for compassion, love, joy, grace, and beauty. For me, at its best, music was made to achieve what Diane’s music does: through it, I experience being reconnected to humanity in my joy as well as in my pain.”
— Dr. Laura Calderon de la Barca, Mexico City