Video Interviews


Shadow Work: Integral Recovery interviews Robert


Life is a Near-Death Experience: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

Safety & Vulnerability in Intimate Relationship: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

The Strongest Aphrodisiac is Connection: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

Full-Blooded Manhood & Men’s Work: Mankind Project interviews Robert

To Be a Man: Julie Hart interviews Robert

On Relational Intimacy: Julie Hart interviews Robert & Diane


Audio Interviews


Emotional Intimacy, Part 1

Tami Simon interviews Robert


Emotional Intimacy, Part 2

Tami Simon interviews Robert


What Intimate Relationship Can Be
Lisa Zimmer interviews Robert & Diane


Spirituality, Intimacy, Full-Spectrum Health

Concious Talk Radio interview


The Many Faces of Spiritual Bypassing

Dialogue with Ken Wilber

A very comprehensive discussion about all the topics in Robert’s book Spiritual Bypassing, available for $7.99 from


What Really Matters

Interview with New Dimensions

Michael Toms interviews Robert about a wide range of topics, all of which are constellated around cultivating a deeper life. Available for $1.99 from New


The Anatomy & Evolution of Anger

Two interviews with the New Man podcast:


Radical Intimacy

Adam Steward interviews Robert