Breakthrough Groups for Men




Uncommonly deep group work for men who are ready to face whatever is obstructing their well-being and their capacity to function optimally in every area of their life. Through such work, men learn to embody a manhood as strongly empowered as it is vulnerable, as emotionally attuned as it’s alive, as passionately present as it is loving, a manhood that cannot help but serve the highest good of one and all.


When I need my own therapy I call Robert. So, speaking as his client, having been a psychotherapist myself, I have often said of Robert: “He gets a year’s worth of work done in about an hour.” The subtitle of his mens groups (“Bringing Head, Heart, and Guts into Full-Blooded Alignment”) is not hyperbole. This is what Robert does, better than anyone I have ever seen in 35+ years. (Bill Kauth, cofounder of the ManKind Project)

             To Be a Man



My approach is intuitively integral, working with body, mind, emotion, and spirit through a spontaneously structured mix of cutting-edge psychotherapy, coaching, bodywork, emotional opening, shadow-work, and relational and spiritual deepening. All of this is conducted in the spirit of becoming more intimate with all that you are — high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine. There’s plenty of rawness, plenty of revelation and deep opening and breakthrough, plus a sense of safety that’s solid enough to provide a powerful container (both crucible and sanctuary) for whatever work needs to be done. Areas covered include:

  • Facing and making wise use of your shame
  • Coming fully alive, including emotionally
  • Softening without any loss of power
  • Both embracing and protecting the boy within
  • Stripping your anger of its aggression without robbing it of its passion
  • Deepening your courage
  • Connecting head, heart, and belly
  • Fully embodying your masculinity
  • Bringing your shadow (whatever you’ve disowned in yourself) out of the dark
  • Facing and working through your core wounds
  • Dream exploration (using dreams as portals for healing and awakening)
  • Shedding your armoring without abandoning your boundaries
  • Outgrowing any pornographic leanings you might have
  • Freeing your sexuality from the obligation to make you feel better
  • Getting your inner critic off your back
  • Deepening your sensitivity without losing your balls
  • Cutting through your fear of your raw masculinity
  • Cultivating healthy challenge
  • Developing more transparency
  • Finding a source of strength in your vulnerability
  • Relating not from your conditioning, but to it
  • Accessing a warriorhood that’s rooted in both love and power
  • Deepening your ability to be in truly healthy relationships


Full-Blooded Manhood & Men’s Work: Mankind Project interviews Robert





      • Groups are 4 or 5 days long, and are usually limited to 8 or 10 men.
      • Participation is by invitation only.
      • Tuition in the continental US is $1300, with a $400 nonrefundable deposit.
      • Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and meals (except for Hawaii group).
      • If you’re interested in attending and haven’t worked with me before, the first step is to complete our Client application form.
      • The next step is to have a session with me (either in-person or Skype), to do some in-depth work and to make sure that the group is right for you. My usual fee is $300 per hour, but for these sessions my fee is $225 for 50 minutes in-person or $150 for 30 minutes via Skype.




January 18-22 (full)

March 5-11, 2018 in Hawaii (This is a residential group; price includes accommodation & meals) (full)

May 10-14

July 25-29

September 5-9


The passage to full manhood is deeply transformational, abundantly supplied with soul-enlivening challenge and firsthand teachings, catalyzing needed healings and breakthroughs, uprooting us again and again so that we might stand ever-truer ground.

Along the way we learn to cultivate an intimacy with everything that we are — high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine, dying and undying — for the benefit of one and all.

This is the primal odyssey pulsing in every man’s marrow, whether or not he embarks on it.