Working with Robert and Diane as a couple has given us an entirely new context for what’s possible in an intimate relationship. The “Couples Intensive” work we’ve done has included such incredibly concentrated and substantial sessions that it often felt as though we propelled through the equivalent of months of weekly therapy. Similarly, as individuals working with Robert and Diane we’ve both explored our conditioning and other aspects of ourselves that have resulted in significant breakthroughs. Combined, these experiences have left us better able to relate to reactivity, anger, shame, other emotions, and relational challenges that arise, in constructive ways that weren’t accessible to us previously. It’s safe to say that we are both confident that without this work we would not have been able to maintain our relationship. Instead, today we continue to embark powerfully on our journey as a couple as well as on our individual journeys. We’re deeply thankful to Robert and Diane for the possibilities they’ve enabled us to create for ourselves. (J & E, San Diego)

True to their name, Diane and Robert are masters at their craft. Using a broad range of therapeutic modalities, they have guided us to be as intimate as possible with our own deeply-held pain, which has created the flowering of deep intimacy together. We looked carefully to find guides adept at psychotherapeutic work and with true spiritual understanding. We trust Diane and Robert implicitly and recommend their services to any couple committed to living in ever deeper, more harmonious relationship. (C & G, Santa Barbara)



Committed monogamous couples ready to work through whatever is preventing their relationship from truly thriving.


  • A skillfully guided shift from surface to depth, from reactivity to responsiveness
  • Compassionate, creative, and extremely effective/efficient guidance
  • Psychological/emotional insight and breakthrough, and the tools to stabilize this
  • A deeper understanding of the core factors contributing to relational difficulties



  • Naturally integral (body, mind, emotion, and conditioning all taken into account)
  • Working deeply with each partner’s conditioning: Connecting the dots between past and present both intellectually and emotionally, exploring how the past of each partner is affecting their relationship
  • Deepening empathy and compassion, while developing healthier boundaries
  • Uncovering and illuminating shadow elements in both partners (“shadow” meaning whatever in us we have denied, disowned, or rejected)
  • Working with shame and how it impacts the couple’s relationship
  • Listening with our whole being, listening emotionally
  • Exploring both the sexual and nonsexual dynamics of a couple’s sexuality
  • Cultivating healthy challenge
  • Working skillfully and dynamically with anger (anger versus aggression)
  • Resolving conflict without robbing partners of their passion and fire
  • Full-spectrum coaching, seamlessly blending in with the therapeutic part of the work





First day: Two 1.5 hour couples sessions

Second day: Two 1.5 hour couples sessions

Tuition: $2100 ($500 nonrefundable deposit required)


Intimate relationship promises much yet only delivers what we put into it. We need to ask not only what we want from such relationship but also what we are willing to do to manifest that. Wanting to be cocooned or secured through relationship is very different than wanting to be healed, awakened, and deepened through relationship.

If we really want the latter, we need to open to what it will — and has to — ask of us, knowing that it won’t necessarily be an easy ride. Of course, if it were easy, we likely would have done it long ago. But the very difficulties that arise as we more deeply enter relationship are what provide most of the raw material for reaching the depth and ease of relationship for which we yearn…


Working with Robert and Diane for couples therapy has been a tremendous help to our relationship. They create a container of true compassion and fierce clarity that promotes insight, intimacy, and real and lasting change to take hold. They also provided us with very practical tools that helped on a daily basis and support the evolution of our relationship. After working with them, I have experienced greater passion, alliance, and love with my partner and now fiancée.  (Timothy Tillman, MA, Somatic Psychotherapist)