Individual Intensives

I no longer offer a series of sessions (as in conventional therapy or coaching), but rather short premium quality private intensives, having found that this format allows me to provide maximum value in very little time. Many who come for such intensives with me do so once or twice a year.

I offer an exceptionally effective/efficient approach that is very cost-effective, consistently getting to the heart of the matter in the very first meeting. Compassion, clarity, depth, safety, and core-level breakthrough are the cornerstones of such work.

Intensives combine in-depth conversation with an intuitive blend of expert well-seasoned guidance, innovative psychotherapy, somatic work, emotional opening, dreamwork, relational deepening, and awareness practices, out of which emerges a coaching that takes into account all that you are, seamlessly arising from whatever work has been done.

Depth is invited, but not forced. Breakthroughs, however common, are worked with in a manner that allows proper digestion and assimilation of whatever energies and insights have arisen. Post-session practices and homework are provided, to help support and ground the work done.

What is needed becomes clear — and is worked with — in the first session. The work that follows catalyzes and makes room for deep healing and integration. Though this is not always easy, it remains a powerfully illuminating, fulfilling, and transformational process. Engaging fully in such work makes it possible to live a deeper life, a life of wholeness and integrity and relational well-being, a life of optimal functioning.


  • Four 1.5 hour sessions spread over two consecutive days.
  • Tuition is $1800, with a $400 nonrefundable deposit. Some discounts may be possible.
  • You are responsible for your own accommodation and meals.
  • If you’re interested in doing an individual intensive with me and haven’t worked with me before, the first step is to complete our Client application form.
  • The next step is to have a session with me (either in-person or Skype), to do some in-depth work and to make sure that doing an individual intensive with me is right for you. My usual fee is $300 per hour, but for these sessions my fee is $225 for 50 minutes in-person or $150 for 30 minutes via Skype.