Deep Shadow-Work & True Empowerment



AUGUST 10-14


Robert Augustus Masters is a true master of integrated consciousness. I think of him as a Ninja Shadow Tracker who guides us effectively into our territories of resistance, pain and avoidance so we can navigate our way with honesty, full embrace and ultimately with love for our Whole Self. Robert brilliantly facilitates safe space with clear boundaries, profundity, respect, compassion and non-judgmental awareness for each person’s process. This is quintessential work for the times we live in and paramount for real transformation to take root and blossom. Robert’s work is foundational for becoming the most authentic human being we can be and is at the heart of the spiritual quest. 

(Sianna Sherman, internationally renowned yoga teacher, storyteller and community activist, and participant at a recent women’s Breakthrough Plus group.)

Safety & Vulnerability in Intimate Relationship: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

The Strongest Aphrodisiac is Connection: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert


Deeply effective work for women ready to fully face and work through whatever’s obstructing their capacity for true empowerment, in the beautiful town of Ashland, Oregon.

All kinds of issues and concerns — ranging from the deepest trauma to the seemingly trivial — will be addressed through a dynamic, creative mix of psychospiritual guidance, bodywork, emotional opening, spiritual disciplines, dreamwork, and group practices.

The group will also feature cutting-edge shadow-work.

There’s a part of us — all of us — that contains what we don’t know or don’t like or deny about ourselves. And what is this part? Our shadow. To the extent that our conditioning is allowed to run or operate us, it is our shadow. Trying to get away from our shadow keeps it in the dark, but turning toward and becoming intimate with it (and its roots) is a profoundly beneficial, inherently empowering process.

Becoming intimate with our shadow frees us from being controlled by it. If we are to live fully, we must bring our shadow elements out of the dark and integrate them with the rest of our being. Doing so will be at the very heart of this group.

We’ll have plenty of time for consistently deep work, plus time for spiritual deepening practices (as well as time to enjoy Ashland’s considerable natural and cultural attractions).

The group will be small, being LIMITED TO 8 WOMEN ONLY, so that there will be ample time for everyone to receive in-depth attention and work.

LOCATION & TIME: Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is nestled in the far south of Oregon, a few minutes north of the California border. The group begins on the first day at 2pm and ends the last day at 1pm.

TUITION: US$1300. Nonrefundable deposit of US$400 required. Contact us to arrange payment. Full payment is due 5 weeks prior to the group.

FOOD & LODGING: This is not included in the tuition. Contact us for a list of possible places to stay or View Ashland Travel & Lodging Information here.

PREREQUISITE: Previous in-person work with Robert, or with Robert in the form of a half hour Skype session (if you’ve had previous experience with psychotherapy or counseling). Please fill out our Client Application and read Experiencing the Work.

REQUIRED READING/LISTENING: Robert’s books Spiritual BypassingTransformation Through Intimacy, and Emotional Intimacy, and audio program Knowing Your Shadow. Also strongly recommended: Robert’s book To Be a Man.


For more information or to make your application for the group, contact us. We’re only taking 8 participants, so early registration is recommended.




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