Personal Statement

robertMy passion is to fuel, illuminate, and support the living of a deeper life, a life of love, integrity, compassion, and full-blooded awakening, a life of intimacy with all that we are. Providing environments (both inner and outer) in which deep healing and transformation can take place remains — along with my writing — my vocation and privilege.

My way of working — intuitive, integral, psychospiritual — and my writing both came to me seemingly unbidden in the 1970s, feeling utterly natural right from the start, as if I’d been doing them for a long, long time. They were in my blood, and still are. Both remain equally important to me.

Not that I didn’t have to greatly refine my writing and healing/awakening work — for they were diamonds in the proverbial rough — but when they arrived, they felt already whole, needing only my commitment to the growth they asked of me. I didn’t question their emergence, nor their impact on me, nor the directions in which they took me, for I was, right from the start, fully at home with them. When asked when I’ll retire, I say that I envision myself writing and doing my psychospiritual work for as long as possible.

My writing, which emerged as full-blown poetry one day in 1970, has co-evolved with my work. I love to write, and would continue writing even if no one ever again read what I wrote. My writing and psychospiritual work are both highly creative ventures for me, drawing forth the very best from me. And there is so much left for me to write! I am grateful that it continues to come so easily to me.

I am also grateful to be in a deeply loving, remarkably compatible relationship. My wife Diane is not only my ever-deeper beloved and dearest friend, but also has worked side-by-side with me in much of the work we do, which has wonderfully softened and stretched me, deepening my capacity to compassionately flow with my work.

I’ve worked in the trenches of human suffering and trauma and breakthrough long enough not only to know such territory intimately, but also to be ready to work with it on a broader scale, through training professionals in my way of working and supporting them in carrying it forward in their own unique manner.

That is, the best use I can make of my remaining time (I’m 69) is to teach/transmit what I’ve learned over the past 35 years, in formats that optimally serve those who want to learn from me.

Some of my current passion involves doing very deep work with the senior practitioners of our school, the Masters Center for Transformation, and with others who are similarly inclined to do such work with us. And some of it involves generating new ways of reaching those who’d likely benefit from our offerings — which include not only my books and audio recordings and Diane’s music, but also new courses, programs, and professional trainings.